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Coastal palaeoenvironmental record of the last 7 kyr BP in NW France: Sub-millennial climatic and anthropic Holocene signals


To date, Holocene palaeoecological signatures on the Northwestern coast of France have not been thoroughly investigated. In this study, environmental changes related to both climate processes and human disturbances were reconstructed over the last 7000 cal. yr BP, based on pollen and chironomid assemblages from four coastal cores retrieved in Western Brittany (Porsmilin beach, NW France). Pollen and chironomid records show an environmental response to both millennial- and centennial-scale climate changes. During the mid-Holocene (until around 4200 cal. yr BP), when human impact was low, Porsmilin’s landscape was characterized by a mixed oak forest dominated by Corylus trees. Comparison of our data with other palynological data from the NW French Atlantic coast shows that this dominance may be related to more humid conditions prevailing at Porsmilin. Furthermore, over the mid- Holocene, Corylus and Quercus patterns appear anti-correlated, with Quercus declines appearing synchronous with major storms revealed by data recently compiled for the Holocene in Brittany, suggesting that cold conditions probably caused the Quercus contractions, which in turn favoured the rise of the heliophile taxon Corylus . Regarding chironomids over this period, our results show variations in lotic–lentic taxa related to hydrological conditions, more specifically changes in river run off strength. Over the Late Holocene, the Porsmilin palynological record shows progressive vegetation changes mainly related to human settlement and development of agricultural activities.


keyboard_arrow_right Titre : Coastal palaeoenvironmental record of the last 7 kyr BP in NW France: Sub-millennial climatic and anthropic Holocene signals
keyboard_arrow_right Type de documentation : Articles
keyboard_arrow_right Auteur(s) personne(s) : Delacourt Christophe, Vidal, M. , Goslin, J. , Van Vliet-Lanoë Brigitte, Penaud, A. , Gandouin, E. , Fernane, A.
keyboard_arrow_right Date de publication : 26 décembre 2014
keyboard_arrow_right Nombre de pages : 12p
keyboard_arrow_right Editeur(s) : SAGE
keyboard_arrow_right Tags thématiques : climatologie, tourbe, pollen, tempête, diptères
keyboard_arrow_right Mots-clés libres : Brittany/chironomids/North Atlantic Oscillation/peat/pollen/storm events/Porsmilin beach/chironomidé/Oscillation Nord-Atlantique (NAO)/plage de Porsmilin
keyboard_arrow_right Langue : Anglais
keyboard_arrow_right N° d'édition (ISBN,DOI...) : 10.1177/0959683614551223
keyboard_arrow_right Collection : The Holocene

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